Monday, May 31, 2010

our final exertion game site

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Final Exertion Idea

Previously we came up with good concepts and had attempted to implement those ideas. However, due to certain restrictions and limitations, we had to ditch the idea and whip up something new. Please allow me to introduce:

Mr. B *Applaud*
(this a temporary name)

Don't be alarmed! This is only his initial growth stage, but by Thursday, Mr. B will blossom into something beautiful~

On 19th of May, Team Nymphora went to shop for Mr. B's parts and gathered at Justin's place to create him.

1. What is Mr. B capable of you ask?
Mr. B is very kind, patient and tolerant. He’ll allow you to kick and punch him without any retaliation. Mr. B is so kind that he’ll reward you for your physical efforts.

2. So what’s the concept about?
Punch or Kick Mr. B repetitively and he will magically reward your efforts with a rise of a flag. Reach the flag to a certain point and the lights will be lit.

3. I wanna know the technical nerdy stuff.
So far we got:
Motor that connects to USB
Some Buttons
Some wires

4. What’s the game about?
The game will be announced in the website dedicated to Mr. B (coming soon).

5. I want to see Mr. B in the process of making!!
Ok, well here it is..

Play Test:

Friday, May 7, 2010

Our pretty dots:

Our pretty doc:


Sunday, May 2, 2010

How it works:
One member of each team will jump on the mini trampoline and try and hit the target as much as possible to push their score in front of the opposing team enough to win.

Second player, ball and funny hat:
The player hitting the target wears the hat, the second player starts with the ball then passes it to the hitter who can then throw it at the opposing hitter to try to knock of their hat, if it is knocked off the player has to stop hitting till they have retrieved there hat and it is back onto their head this giving them a time penalty . the second player can then go get the ball and repeat this process as fast as they like. players cannot hold onto their hats.

Throughout the game players can switch rolls with their team member, strategy is to work out when and if it is worth losing time in swapping to gain a maybe less tired hitter.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Posters for Toasters

A feast for your eyes ladies and gentlemen, two posters for two exertion games. But which game is actually green lit? Oh I'll let you guys ponder that in the land of nod...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ladies & Gentlemen!

Enter Link To View =)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010


So today, our group had a bonding session, pyjamas, pillowcases, sleeping bags were brought over to a single house. In that house we played truth or dare, 20 questions, nintendo wii, deep and meaningful conversations and even cooking! Oh god you should've been there...

In other news we also tried to give our ideas 'substance' some sense of 'form' we brought them kicking and screaming into the harsh reality of life! Patricks baby was born first as you can see he's a tad bit red and was immediately punched as soon as it came out:


It was made using a rebounding punching bag (weighted by water), a simple microphone headset and a computer, costing a wonderful 0 pesos! We speculated, that the score can be measured via the amount of sound is generated, using this handy program:

Adobe something?

What did we learn kids? As a group we discovered the game was indeed fun, and of course it fit the flexible criteria that was set in stone by Floyd. We discussed a scoring system as well:

Score will be multiplayed depending on the 'equipment' used to hit:
x 1 Fists (Easy)
x 4 for Nerf Bat (Hard)
It's easier to produce sound with your fist, than a nerf bat. Make sense no?

The second child was Justin's tactical GPS game, which caused our engineers some great stress:

Thankfully we had an epiphany! And hobbled up a finely engineered prototype model:

Again the budget was a jaw dropping 0 rupees! It was made with a pre-existing notebook, skype, a headband, sticky tape and the internet! Basically the runner is 'rigged' with the webcam+headband also known as the 'headcam' whilst the controller is 'rigged' with a desktop computer. Communication? It's farily simple, we used the in built skype instant messanger to send the messages to the controller and runner.

But sir! There are limitations though, the runner is feeling 'exertion' but the controller isn't. Then there's also the cumbersome 'headcam' the runner has to constantly look at the skype program to see the images. On the other hand it's really entertaining for the audience, seeing a person with a huge bulky rig walking around the city doing odd things, the idea got us all kicking and screaming like school girls. Anyways must dash, Lady Gaga is playing my song!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fully implemented exertion game :]

Thanks to Chester for mentioning Japanese game shows on Thursday XD
This idea is inspired by some Jap game show i watched ages ago.

Image below contains all the information regarding the game =D

Hope you guys comprehended my stuffed up explanation :/

The goggle will fundamentally cause the same effect as spinning around at the same spot then force to walk.
Bouncing Rubber Ball and walking/running simultaneously during dizzy status will make the players look like a retard.. and that's what is funny :=D

The players will be compelled to run because the shorter time they spend in the game, the more point they get. Also, they will be compelled to concentrate on their balance because the less steps they make, the more points they obtain. So.. they will be either shaking like a roly-poly or tripping like crazy.

Unlike my previous idea, this can be implemented from anywhere.

The essential materials, Pedometer, Timer, Goggle and Rubber ball are very easy to get.(i believe so lol.)

This game has included certain aspects of typical exertion game:
- Significantly depends on physical activity (requires intensive physical effort)
- Relatively long playing time (can set the time as long as you wish)
- Includes acceleration process (fosters exhaustion)
- Cooperative & Capability to compete (provides motivation)

This game has fulfilled certain tasks given during the lecture:
- Games that require intense physical effort from its players. (Y)
- Fully implemented game. (Y)
- Employ practical method. (Y)
- Games that does not involve screen. (Y)
- Get your audience excited. (Y)